8 Ways The Wild Nothing Teas & Tisanes Assist Your Health

The Wild Nothing have spent months, carefully researching and curating their teas and tisanes to give you maximum health benefits that taste great.  Read on to learn more.

The Wild Nothing is a small company, based in the Yarra Ranges, better known as Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges, approximately 40 minutes from the CBD.  The company comprises of 3 partners who work from the confines of our comfy homes.  We make beautifully scented soy wax candles, delicious homemade preserves and low and behold – healthy teas and tisanes.  At The Wild Nothing, we pride ourselves on simple, yet effective packaging design.  More importantly, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products, which are bar none.

The Wild Nothing Test Tube Tisanes

Photo by Lisa Kuhne

This article focuses on the health benefits of The Wild Nothing teas and tisanes.  So what made us want to delve into the ancient tradition of formulating tisanes for health benefits?  Well, a naturopath once told me something years ago that has stuck with me.  She said “herbs contain amazing health benefits, some more than fruit and vegetables.  If you don’t like vegetables, have a good dose of herbs!”  Sounded pretty simple to me.  Just chuck some parsley or oregano on top of your chicken.  Add basil to your pasta dish.  Add fennel seeds in your pasta sauce (don’t knock it, Stephanie Alexander does it).  Add ginger and coriander to your stir-fry.  Whatever you’re eating, you most likely can add herbs and spices rather then salt to enhance its flavour.

Today, we are living in a highly health conscious society, however time is a huge factor in what we eat.  When we’re busy and stressed, we reach for easy, pre-packaged food to consume, just to stop that annoying rumbling voice of our tummy.  Then we carry on working without giving it much more thought.  So even with the best intentions, our health suffers because we don’t have time to prepare a lavish, healthy meal. 

We can’t buy time so I wanted to be able to help people enhance their health by doing something simple that doesn’t take much time – having a cup of tea or tisane (correct term for herbal tea).  

The Wild Nothing Teas and Tisanes

The Wild Nothing Test Tube Tisanes

Photo by Demelza Andreoli thepixelgypsy.co.nz


So here is a list of what I have created for you – teas and tisanes that are designed to help you with immediate troubles such as anxiety, insomnia, tummy pain, and so forth.

1. Imagine sleep-inducing tisane includes ingredients such as lemon balm, lavender and chamomile.  These ingredients act as a sedative and eases depression, anxiety, headaches and tension.

2. Hard Day’s Night relaxing tisane – this is one of our best sellers. It contains Valerian root, lavender and lemon balm (among other ingredients) which are primal agents in reducing anxiety and putting your mind at ease.  This can also be used as a sleep inducing tisane if your lack of sleep is caused by anxiety, depression or stress.

3. Like a Rolling Stone tisane aids the digestive system. This tisane has been specifically formulated to help soothe digestive discomfort.  It relieve spasms and digestion disturbance, and helps with indigestion.  Not suitable for pregnant women or patients with high blood pressure, kidney disease or those taking digoxin-based medication.

4. Manic Monday Immune Booster.  This is our cold and flu fighter and general immune system booster.  Its ingredients contain Vitamin C and antioxidants, and it has mild fever reducing properties, and helps treat allergies.

5. Comfortably Numb tummy relaxing tisane.  Its ingredients assist with nausea and digestion.  It helps heals gastric ulcers and relaxes spasms and abdominal discomfort.

6. Let’s Dance brain power tisane assists with mental concentration, memory and serves as a get-up-and-go – a great alternative to coffee.

7. Rehab tisane is our detox tisane with skin healing Ingredients in this tisane contain high antioxidants, liver cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties and benefits the skin.

8. The Wild Nothing have 3 certified organic black teas, all flavoured with natural ingredients. As you most likely know, black tea is rich in antioxidants and it also stimulates mental alertness.  The Wild Nothing has a French Earl Grey tea – Moondance, a bergamot flavoured black tea – Sweet Child, and an Apple and Cinnamon black (Ceylon) tea – Black Betty.  All of these are scrumptious and good for you!

All of The Wild Nothing teas and tisanes come in loose-leaf form in 4 sizes and are available at http://www.thewildnothing.com.au

Please consult your doctor for any concerns prior to consumption.