sweet child o’ mine loose leaf tea


you know when you’re at the supermarket and you hear someones phone ring to the tune of an awesome, old school guitar riff?  and than that catchy tune stays in your head for the rest of the day?  well we’ve named this tea that song. because this tea “reminds me of that warm safe place that as a child i’d hide”.  this bergamot spiked black tea has just the right amount of kick to make it taste deliciously different from all the other black tea’s out there.




made with all organic ingredients.  bergamot is usually used in lady and earl grey teas however we’ve thrown in some sweet orange peel and left out the lavender to give it a distinct flavour.

ingredients: organic black tea, organic bergamot peel and organic sweet orange peel

directions for loose leaf tea: infuse 1 teaspoon per cup for 3-5 minutes

reminds me of childhood memories where everything was as fresh as the bright blue sky

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sample bag*, small box, test tube, kraft bag


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